Sweet Freedom

Finals, papers, projects, and plans all came to breaking point last week. I am happy to report survival, which if not graceful, was at least dearly earned. 3 papers, 6 finals, 1 performance, and a weekend of middle school craziness were enough to knock me out. So where does that put me now?

Now, my friends, I am on summer vacation. *cheers*

Since my final final, I have trekked out to PC with my middle school girls, done some major catching up on sleep and TV watching, let my room explode into a cloud of scrapbooking paper and mod podge, and joyously begun catching up with best friends. Life is good in the summertime.

I know that I only have a couple of summers left as I approach full-fledged adulthood, but I intend to fully enjoy every lazy day I get.

Blessings and peace to you all.


post finals


~a beloved nobody