Missed Adventures

Hello there,

Between touring and classes, things have been quite busy here. Not complaining, mind you, but it is nice to have a weekend in London rather than away on another trip. In fact, I have the flat almost entirely to myself for the day. So here I sit catching up on picture uploading and enjoying the opening stage of Le Tour de France on the telly (100th year, guys!!).

Since I last sat down to this here blog, I have written some papers, explored a bit more of the neighborhood, gone to Greenwich, Hampton Court Palace, and Windsor Castle, and spent a weekend in Paris. While all of these have been quite enjoyable in their own ways, my favorite thing has been going to the RADA festival performances of “As You Like It” & “Midsummer Night’s Dream” in Russell Sq Gardens. It was splendid good fun to see Shakespeare performed on a lawn with a picnic in English summer rain, rather than a stuffy building. It lends a lot of life and spirit to the play. The lines and story took on new meaning and there was a great sense of camaraderie between the players, as well as the audience. If you can, you simply must check it out! (performances today, June 29 at 3p and 7p in Russell Sq Gardens, admission free).

ImagePrime Meridian at Greenwich

ImageFete de Musique at the Louvre

Imageoutdoor stage for “As You Like It”

~a beloved nobody


Settling In

Sometimes it is the littlest things that make for a good day. A sunny morning, extra time for breakfast, a good grade on an assignment, or getting a good jog in can all turn a bland day into something special.

Well, one such thing happened the other day.

I was wandering around my little part of London trying to find a nice spot to study, when some tourists, apparently newer to the city than I, stopped me on the street to ask for directions to the British Museum. Well, lo and behold, I was able to tell them how to get there! In a ten second exchange, the couple had unwittingly bequeathed to me a new sense of freedom and confidence. I was no longer the newest kid on that particular block. I could give directions without consulting a map. I was pretty hot stuff!

Don’t worry; I won’t get cocky. I know that if they had asked directions Regent’s Park or Buckingham Palace or most other places, I wouldn’t have known. But for the moment, it felt good to realize I wasn’t hopeless. If anyone had asked a week and a half ago, I would have been no help.

~a beloved nobody

Wales, Wales, Wales

Wales far-and-away exceeded my expectations. It was out to impress, giving us gorgeous, sunshiney fresh air by the sea the day we were there. We romped around an ancient castle, down a pier, and up a mountain while soaking up as much Vitamin-D as possible. I hope to make it back here. Who knows?



*couldn’t pass up £10 matching wool sweaters*


*view from Conwy Castle*


*picturesque view of Llandudno*


*had my first real fish’n’chips in a converted Liverpudlian pump house* 

~a beloved nobody

London::week 1

Well friends,

Today marks the one week mark of my London adventures. Thus far, I have successfully changed time zones, met up with an old friend, made some new friends, gotten lost, found my way, tried new foods, and seen some shows. I don’t know about you, but that is way more than I normally do in a summer!

Highlights so far would have to be seeing The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and just generally wandering the streets and exploring parks.

Just blogging and homework tonight, then it’s off to Liverpool and Wales for the weekend (no internets for me).

DSCN0871 *my trusty transportation*

DSCN0891 *wandered into St. Martin in-the-Fields in the midst of a rehearsal*

DSCN0875  *traipsing through Londontown with new friends*

DSCN0974 *The Curious Incident… with an old friend*

~a beloved nobody

Greetings from: London.

Hello and good evening from the lovely London!

After years of dreaming, months of scheming, and hours (and hours) on a plane, I finally arrived in the most beautiful of cities where I shall remain for the next 9 weeks.

In an attempt to fight jet lag, I joined some fellow travelers in a sweeping walk of central London (passed the British Museum, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, etc.), and found lots of places to go back and explore. I look forward to many adventures to come, and you can look forward to many updates.

Here are some pictures from Day 1:

Image*so excited about this stamp*

Image*view from my front stoop*

Image*some of the stairs leading up to my flat*


DSCN0847 *the eye and the Thames*

DSCN0843 *Big Ben and part of parliament*

~a beloved nobody