Taking Care of Business

Do you ever read posts full of DIYs, recipes, family activity ideas, workouts, or even just a lot of well constructed sentences and say to yourself, “Where does this chick/dude find the time?” or “That seems like a good idea, too bad I’ll never actually get around to doing it.”

Maybe you are the chick/dude being inspiring and well-thought-out, in which case I heartily applaud you. But maybe, just maybe, you are like myself and tend to take things slow. It isn’t that we procrastinate; we just like taking our time, being thorough. We are the people who take a full day to do one load of laundry, a full week to write 500 words, a full month to do a “quick-and-easy” project, and a full year to write thank you cards. Slow and steady, my friends, slow and steady.

More often than not we find ourselves required to hurry faster than our natural rhythm, but we manage–it’s normal. We might always be a little bit behind, but we are still making it to things mostly on time and doing our work almost as thoroughly as we’d like. However, sometimes all of the little things which pile up coincide with a really BIG thing. In these instances, nothing but some fast-paced productivity will manage to get the job done.

Drastic times call for drastic measures.

Today was one of those days for me. This morning when I woke up, I found myself with only 1 week left in London, 1 day left to complete my final paper, and 1 clean undergarment. Yikes! I’ll spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say that I am just now sitting down to dinner at 22:30. All of my clothes are clean, I’ve knocked out a good 11 pages (what’s another blog post?), threw in a class presentation, trip to Sainsbury’s for the baby prince edition of the times, and a meeting with my prof, and I have plans to explore this beautiful city with some first-rate locals tomorrow. (Didn’t expect me to do everything in one day, did you?)

Ah well, hopefully your day was not so rushed, but if it was, I understand.

Miles to go before we sleep, eh?

DSCN1484 happy birthday little prince!

~a beloved nobody


Slipping Time

Time has been slipping away as of late. Only 3 more weeks left over here in London, which doesn’t sound as short as it feels.


Not to be a total wimp, but it has gotten really, really hot this past week. Having lived in Florida my whole life, one would not expect me to melt at a measly 85 degrees (that’s 29 in centigrade), but alas. I inherited me mither’s intolerance for heat and have therefore entered a lazy stupor. Lazy days of summer, tempered by my looming departure date.

Ah well, here are some highlights of what you’ve missed while I let time slip away:

  • I met a bunch of new friends in Wallington!!! (Keep forgetting to take pictures when I visit, but they shall be forthcoming.)
  • Took a lovely trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, with my travelling friend. We enjoyed every park we could find, trekked out along the coast, soaked in the magical atmosphere, and had a Pushing Daisies party in a graveyard…with cup pies…and daisies.
  • Been traipsing around London with one of my flatmates. We’ve gotten pretty good at finding free samples meal deals–it is a real art form.

I’ve also been writing papers, running errands, visiting museums, and more, but it is harder than I expected to keep track of the little and the big when so much is happening.

DSCN1218on Arthur’s Seat

Imageexploring somewhere between Aberlady and Gullane


~a beloved nobody