March Showers?

If April showers bring may flowers, what do March showers bring?

They bring coziness, sips of hot black coffee, murder mysteries, and decadent cookie baking, that’s what.

perfect comfort


I used this recipe by Phyllis Grant of, and found the results more than satisfactory–the perfect movie theater contraband (The Grand Budapest Hotel, anyone?)

Stay warm; Stay dry,

a beloved nobody


Hello, Sweet Pea

Spring is officially here!


And with it the usual cleaning, baking, studying, and pollen layer covering everything outside. However, this year it also has brought lots of snow peas! They are deliciously sweet, and I (and my neighbors) have been enjoying them raw off the vine.  I got swept up in the thrill of the harvest and planted radishes and tomatoes. Hopefully the carrots will get their act together in time for Easter. 



Happy Saturday,

~a beloved nobody