Milestones & Monotony

Today we celebrated my Grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary. Incredible is an understatement. How many utterly ordinary moments must they have shared in sixty years of marriage–sixty years of bills, of dishes, of head colds, of lawn-mowing, of doctors appointments, of long work days. Yet here they are, still helping each other get about, still providing for each other, still loving each other.

They have been present in my life in a beautiful way, sharing countless stories of days long gone, of the trials and triumphs of daily life. They’ve taught me lessons in tenacity, hospitality, pie-making, humility, mindfulness, piano, canoeing, and cards–lots of cards. None of these were learned in a day, but rather represent their consistent presence in my life over the years (only a third of their married life!) I have been so greatly influenced by their faithfulness in the mundane–in service of each other, yes, but mostly in service of God. They are first to remind me of their imperfections in this, but it is so clear from their life and their marriage that Jesus is central. Glory be to God for sixty years of marriage, of bills, of dishes, of colds, of lawn-mowing, of doctor’s appointments, and of long work days.

And so I must away, to be faithful in the monotonous work of studying.

Happy 60th, Grandma and Grandpa!

a beloved nobody


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